Profitable real estate returns are dependent upon astute property management and marketing. Craig/Steven Development Corporation is fortunate to have a superior group of management and marketing experts whose experience and insight show in the success of every project.

The fact that most Craig/Steven Development Corporation projects are built for our own portfolio demands that outstanding management and marketing practices be employed.

Throughout the years, we have applied aggressive marketing techniques to speed the leasing and occupancy process. As a result, our projects begin generating revenue earlier.

Among day-to-day management responsibilities particular attention is paid to maintenance. An extra effort is made to prevent problems before occurrence, thereby reducing the likelihood of tenant inconvenience and potential dissatisfaction.

Environmental maintenance on every Craig/Steven Development Corporation project is a full time effort which rates a high priority. Tenants appreciate meticulously cared for landscaping, tasteful signage, efficient snow removal and overall cleanliness.

Perhaps the best testimony to the success of our management/marketing group is the large number of tenants who “stay with” Craig/Steven Development Corporation as their space needs increase. We are proud of the great number of tenants who readily recommend our projects to others seeking a top quality, well managed business or residential environment.